Call for research participants in the West Midlands

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Remote chance? Participation and access to justice in remote parole hearings

Do you have knowledge or experience of in-person and/or remote parole hearings? If so, we would like to hear from you.

We are carrying out research on in-person and remote parole hearings to understand peoples’ experiences of them, and whether they differ from one another in terms of participation and inclusion.

We are already interviewing prisoners and parolees but want to speak to as many people as possible who may have experience of parole hearings carried out in-person and remotely. This may include: people with experience of criminal justice, legal representatives, professional witnesses, family members, victims or other users/observers of criminal justice policy and practice.

If you have something to say about remote or in-person parole hearings and would be willing to participate in an interview, please contact me for more information about what is involved and to check your eligibility. You can get in touch by emailing:

NB: we have HMPPS NRC approval to speak to probation practitioners but only in the West Midlands region.