Outcome NPS member consultation: policy harmonisation

Following the recent consultative ballot amongst NPS members on the maternity pay and harmonisation package, the result was overwhelmingly in favour by 94% of those members responding to accept...Read more

20th Apr 2017
Napo victory on Harmonisation package

To all full Napo members in the NPS

(PbNI,  CRC members, FCS Members, NEC and Napo Representative Panel for information)
Napo victory on Harmonisation package...Read more

04th Apr 2017
BBC reports on Working Links Chaos

Lives are being put at risk because of failings in the probation service, BBC reports.

Speaking to Working Links whistleblowers, the BBC have learned job-cuts and operational changes have...Read more

20th Mar 2017
The Government is to withdraw Clause 32 of the Children and Social Work Bill

The Government is set to withdraw Clause 32 of the Children & Social Work Bill at the next reading on 7th March.  This was originally clause 29 and was the subject of an emergency...Read more

06th Mar 2017
Prison reform will not work with a failing Probation Service

Press Statement issued today

Today the Secretary of State for Justice will outline and present the Prison and Courts Bill in the House of Commons. The main theme of the...Read more

23rd Feb 2017