Attendance Management Meetings and Work Related Stress/Workplace injury

There has been some confusion in relation to the Farm and Fuarm meetings when people are off with a workplace injury and/or workplace stress. The Formal Attendance Review...Read more

12th Jul 2024
UPW Update

We have received the revised MOU for consultation following Napo’s concerns as to where the responsibility for the final sign off of these contracts should be, and it is...Read more

12th Jul 2024
DASO and VLO Update

The trade unions have now received the new Daso manual for consultation prior to the planned job evaluation. Again, please contact Carole or Tania for further information...Read more

12th Jul 2024
Programmes Update

The 121 meetings should now have started for all B3 and B4 facilitators and the SPOs following the disappointing outcome of the facilitator evaluation. The managers will...Read more

12th Jul 2024
Pause of Regional Business Manager and Business Manager Job Evaluation

We are contacting Business Manager and Regional (RPD) Business Manager members to advise that the Job Evaluation processes for both roles have currently paused due to...Read more

12th Jul 2024