Facilitator JES Update

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The Dispute Panel met last Friday to discuss the trade unions' concerns in relation to how the JES process for facilitators has been managed. Following a day of detailed discussions, it was decided that the role is a new role (there have not been facilitator job descriptions previously), and (disappointingly) they felt that the scoring of the role should not be set aside and for it to be redone. The panel recognised there had not been been a clear message given in relation to the workshops and have issued the following recommendations for all job evaluations:

  1. Greater clarity and a review part way through the process of further evaluations to confirm the direction of travel
  2. That the SME must be someone who has the knowledge of the role that is being evaluated and who has no conflict of interest.
  3. An urgent review of the job evaluation process, which is to be done collaboratively with the trade unions as joint holders of the scheme.
  4. That the role of programme facilitator is reviewed as part of the prioritisation list of role reviews as it is a new role.

It was interesting to hear that programme facilitators are no longer considered to be in a practitioner role, but a "public facing role", so we will have to explore what this actually means, but just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported Napo with this, who have messaged support, produced written supportive documents and evidence, and who attended those cold appeal meetings. You are all wonderful and without you, we wouldnt have achieved the recommendations we have.

Finally, we know some of you will be more impacted than others, in many different ways,  so please do look after yourselves, when you have your 121 meeting think about having a napo rep with you, and never see this outcome as a true reflection of your worth and skill and commitment to public protection.