Facilitator Job Evaluation update 16 June 2023

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Members will be aware that the employer had planned to send the Job Evaluation Documents to the Job Evaluation Panel yesterday despite concern trade unions on the process that had been followed. Following a number of urgent talks, the panel on the 15th was postponed.

Ian Lawrence subsequently spoke with Employee Relations to express our concerns about the process. The key issue being that the employer has in effect changed the parameters of the job evaluation without notifying staff or trade unions. The trade unions and staff participating in the job evaluation workshops were under the impression that this evaluation was re-evaluating the current role of facilitator to see if it came out as a Band 3 or a Band 4.

The employer informed unions at the very last minute that in fact the exercise was to reconfigure the role of facilitator into a new role. There are some significant implications as a result of this change. Not least that it has the potential to impact on members terms and conditions and is therefore subject to negotiation not just consultation.

The outcome of Ian Lawrence’s intervention is that the Job Evaluation Panel is now postponed with a date yet to be decided. The employer will be writing to the trade unions informing them of their position.  As ever we will keep members updated as and when we have news.