Help Maternity Action campaign for better access to maternity and paternity pay

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Maternity Action is the UK’s maternity rights charity dedicated to promoting, protecting and enhancing the rights of all pregnant women, new mothers and their families to employment, social security and health care. Napo Vice Chair Ikki Bhogal keeps in regular contact with Maternity Action with their latest updates on issues that affect pregnant women their rights.

Maternity Action is currently carrying out a survey looking at the financial impact on women of taking maternity leave.  With the cost of living rising sharply and energy bills even faster we know that many pregnant women and new mothers are struggling financially and finding that maternity pay does not come close to meeting the costs associated with taking maternity leave and having a new baby.

This information will support our work campaigning and lobbying Government for better maternity pay and benefits for pregnant women and new mothers.

Napo has been invited to take part in the survey. If you or anyone you know has been on maternity leave between January 2021 and now to complete the short survey it should only take 5 minutes to complete.  Maternity Action will be publishing the results to coincide with Mothers' Day at the end of March and to support our lobbying and campaigning work to increase, and improve access to, maternity and parental pay.