HM Probation and Prisons Inspectorate publish OMiC thematic report

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This week saw the publication of a joint thematic report on pre-release work under the Offender Management in Custody (OMiC) model by HM Inspectorates of Probation and Prison – A joint thematic inspection of Offender Management in Custody – pre-release ( More detailed communications on this will be issued in the near future but we believed it was important to send this short message to members at the earliest opportunity, especially those involved with OMiC directly.

Unfortunately the vast majority of the findings, and subsequent recommendations, will come as no surprise as they reflect the situation as it exists in prisons across England and Wales and as experienced by members each day. Since before its introduction local, regional and national Napo representatives have made clear the fundamental failings of OMiC, both as set in this thematic report and more widely. While Napo do not agree with all of the recommendations made and positions taken by the Inspectorates we welcome the call for a fundamental review of significant aspects of the OMiC model and will continue to represent all members in our ongoing meetings with HMPPS, including any specific consultation process on their response to this thematic report.

Should any members want to share their views on this OMiC thematic report, or other issues related to this area of work, please contact the relevant National Vice Chair in the first instance.