HMI Probation Business Plan 2014-15

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This was published on June 14th. One of its key work areas will be inspecting adult offending work in the community. The aim is to provide assurance about the arrangements developing under Transforming Rehabilitation. It says 'Areas of interface between the National Probation Service (NPS) and Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) present particular risks...' and it plans to concentrate its attention on these.

An audit of workloads held in trusts immediately prior to June 1st has been completed to establish to what degree caseloads continue to be manageable during the period of change. The results of this audit will form the basis of a Ministerial briefing. This should make interesting reading and Napo will be seeking it's disclosure.

In April/May, it seems they will also have carried out an inspection of the outcomes of this process. Then from July to September, they intend to undertake an inspection of work at court, focussing on the quality of probation work in the court setting and the quality and accuracy of the assessment and allocation decisions in sampled cases. then later in the year HMIP intend to focus on the 'start of order' phase and then continuing work with offenders during the first four months of supervision.

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