In-House Contested Breaches

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As you are aware, the trade unions are opposed to the proposal that court PSOs prosecute contested trials.

When we surveyed our court members on the subject earlier this year, there was very strong opposition to the plans, as was communicated to the employer at the time.

Unfortunately, HMPPS appears determined to press ahead with this ill-advised course of action despite the opposition of unions and the grave misgivings of the staff who they expect to carry this work out.

Given the current rolling out of contested trials training, we have asked the employer many questions on Finance, Roll out if In-House Contested Breaches, Performance and Training, Generic PSO role vs Enforcement role, Conflict of Interest, Protection of the Public and Probation Reputation.

NAPO, Unison and GMB/SCOOP wrote to the employer on the 25 June 2024 with a series of questions and concerns.  We are awaiting a response and will update members accordingly.