Lords back National Stalking Register in defiance of Government

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Napo has for many years campaigned alongside our sister unions and anti-domestic violence organisations for effective strategies to end male violence against women and girls.

The thoughts of Napo members everywhere will be with the family of Sarah Everard, and the events in South London last weekend have unleashed a wave of anger about the failures of politicians over many decades to take meaningful action in this regard.

As well as our ongoing work to assist politicians on the Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that is currently being debated in the Commons, we have stepped up our campaigning efforts with Peers in partnership with organisations such as Paladin, to support the call for the introduction of a National Stalking Register.

Last night’s news that the House of Lords voted by a substantial majority to support this initiative has been universally welcomed. It is another demonstration of how actions are much louder than mere words and platitudes.

Napo will continue our work via the TUC and the Justice Unions Parliamentary Group to help maintain pressure on this government to do more.