Napo secure 3 month extension to 'Check Off' cessation

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At todays meeting of the Napo National Executive Committee (NEC), General Secretary Ian Lawrence announced that he had received a letter from the Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove late last week.

This indicated that the Minister had recognised Napo's unique operational problems in encouraging our members to make the switch from 'Check Off' to Direct Debit for paying their union subscriptions. As a consequence, the Minister has now revisited the original plan to implement the ending of Check Off in September, and extend this until the 31st December.

Letter from Michael Gove

Whilst we are sure that Napo members will welcome this decision, it is imperative that our members working within the NPS make every effort to complete and return the Direct Debit Mandate that has been attached to previous member mail outs, and which is also available from the Napo Website.

Branches are urged to advise National Vice-Chair Chas Berry: of the names for the 'Direct Debit (DD) Champions' to assist the Chivalry Road team in this work which is critical to Napo's ability to function effectively on behalf of all its members.

Further details of how Napo members can make online switchover to DD will be issued in due course, but in order to ease the administrative burden at Chivalry Road it would be appreciated if NPS members could make every effort to complete the mandate form referred to above.

Ian Lawrence   Chris Winters   Yvonne Pattison