Napo victory on Harmonisation package

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To all full Napo members in the NPS

(PbNI,  CRC members, FCS Members, NEC and Napo Representative Panel for information)
Napo victory on Harmonisation package
This negotiating update alerts you to an important breakthrough by Napo in the long running negotiations with the NPS on the maternity pay and harmonisation policies.
NPS members will be asked to indicate their agreement to this package in a separate communication that will follow shortly. As the circular points out  Napo has been seeking a conclusive outcome on the  maternity and and harmonisation package for some time and have had to persevere despite the barriers in our way.

This circular summarises the success for Napo negotiators in these talks and also sets out your unions future objectives around pay and our efforts to push for solutions to the chaos within the Shared Service Centres operation on a host of pay and pension related issues.
More news about these will follow soon, meanwhile NPS members are asked to look out for further communications and ensure that you take the opportunity to respond to the consultative exercise.

Click here for circular.
Napo - the union of choice in the Probation Services.
Ian Lawrence, General Secretary,  Dean Rogers, Assistant General Secretary

Chris Winters,  Yvonne Pattison, National Co-Chairs