NQO Placement

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In October the employer sent the Probation trade unions and Annex A consultation document regarding the placement of NQO’s post qualification. The proposal was that all NQO’s would have to remain in their initial placement for a period of two years before they could apply to move office or region. Napo made very strong representations to the employer on behalf of members and raised our concerns about this proposed policy. In particular that whilst NQO’s would not be allowed to apply to move, the employer could themselves direct staff to move. Last week Napo received the below email which confirms that as a result of Napo’s representations, this policy proposal has now been dropped. This is good news for our NQO members and is an example of how Napo is influencing policy to ensure the best outcomes for staff.

I am writing to provide an update following your recent completion of the Annex A consultation pertaining to NQO retention (the intention was to prevent NQOs moving regions within the first 2 years upon qualification).

After careful consideration and having taken into account all the feedback received, we have made the decision not to proceed with this proposal.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time you have taken to input into these discussions since the proposal was first tabled in 2021, and I trust you are satisfied with this outcome.