Probation assists in 15% reduction in crime

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As welcome figures indicating a reduction in crime of 15% are released, Probation Union Napos warn that this trend may reverse if dangerous plans to privatise the Probation Service are introduced.

Since 2007 reoffending across the Northumbria Probation Trust area amongst those supervised by the Trust has reduced by 6.49% and in areas such at Northumberland by as much as 14%.

But Mike Quinn, spokesperson for Napo in the area warns that Government plans to Privatise the well performing Probation Trust could see crime reduction figures such as todays reverse:

"Whilst Government Ministers are right to highlight and commend the work of the Police in reducing crime, they appear to conveniently forget the work of the Probation Trust in reducing re-offending.  This comes as no surprise to our members.  The Government are single-handedly destroying an outstanding Probation Trust and privatising over 60% of it.  We challenge the Government to show us the real evidence that such a move with help to improve the already outstanding performance of the Probation Trust.  Every single member of Napo is dedicated to further reducing re-offending, but we believe this is best done by sticking with what we know works and what has been proven to work.  Plans for the management of serious offenders in the future are little more than a gamble, an ideological theory to make money from crime."

He went to say: "The plans the Government will implement imminently do not seem to have considered the huge impact upon the working relationships and partnerships the Probation Trust currently enjoy working with, especially with the Police.  We have strong concerns that organisations will have a wholly different approach with working with and sharing information with private organisations, such as Sodexo who plan on bidding for the Northumbria area, than they do with a well respected Public Service like the Northumbria Probation Trust. "