Probation Pay Update - 1 Feb 2022

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There have been lots of queries around pay recently so it is worth recapping where we are so far.

Pay Award for April 2021 to March 2022

  • The Joint Trade Unions submitted a pay claim early in 2021 
  • The offer from HMPPS was for a 0% award for most staff with payment of the contractual pay progression for those not yet at the top of their pay scale and a £250 increase to pay points that were below £24,000.
  • Following months of talks it was clear that HMPPS were not going to be in a position to improve this derisory ‘offer’.
  • Members voted to reject this offer and to lodge a dispute with the employer.
  • HMPPS imposed the pay offer in order to meet their contractual obligations and the Government’s promise of £250 for those on the lowest salaries.
  • This does not mean that the Trade Unions agreed to the award or that the deal was ‘settled’. The dispute remains live.

Pay Award for April 2022 to March 2023

  • The Joint Trade Unions are preparing to submit a pay claim in the usual way (in Napo we agree the pay claim via the Probation Negotiating Committee).
  • HMPPS have expressed a desire to enter into talks about a multi-year pay deal starting in April 2022 but the negotiations will not begin until HMPPS are given permission by HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office allow it.
  • Once the permission is granted we will begin negotiation talks and this can take some time.
  • Once we reach the point at which no more progress can be made in talks we will explain what is on offer to members and you will be able to vote to accept or reject the deal.

Pay Progression

  • Pay progression becomes due on 1 April each year.
  • Pay progression owed will not usually be paid on time as the Government insist on wrapping the payment of it into the pay award.
  • Pay progression will only be paid on time (in April pay) when there is a multi year pay deal in progress.
  • When pay progression is paid late it will be back-dated to when it was due.
  • The pay progression due in April 2022 is automatic for the last year. Automatic refers to the entitlement to progression, not to the payment of it (see above).
  • For pay progression due on 1 April 2023 and later the CBF will determine your entitlement to progression (unless of course you have reached the top of your payscale).

Other Pay Issues

There are a host of other issues relating to pay which we are addressing and will be updating you on separately. This includes issues relating to Job Evaluations and pay problems.

How to find out more:

Come along to our pay meetings being held jointly with our sister Trade Unions, UNISON and GMB (SCOOP). The first is being held on 11th February at 12.30pm via Teams. Joining information will be sent round soon – save the date!

Contact your branch reps for information about meetings in your area. Each branch has a Link to a National Official and National Officer who work hard to keep your branch reps up to date on Napo’s work on pay and wider issues.