Programme Facilitator Job Evaluation Implementation

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Members will be aware that the JES appeal process has now concluded. Regions have been asked to implement the changes to the facilitator role which affect members in different ways depending on their current Band. All staff will be given the opportunity to have a one to one meeting to discuss their future role. This can include remaining in programmes at a Band 3 (which may mean pay protection for those at Band 4), being redeployed within the programmes team to Treatment Manager or Programme Manager, or being deployed elsewhere in the business. Regions have been asked to provide additional facility time to ensure they meet the tight timetable of the 1st August. This will put a lot of pressure on our local Napo representatives so it’s really important that you let your branch know as soon as possible if you wish to be accompanied by a rep. Please email your branch at the earliest opportunity even if you have not yet got your one to one booked in. Please do read the FAQ’s about the process that can be found on the intranet so that you are clear about how these changes will affect you.