Update on NPS Pay discussions including pay progression position

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Following the submission of the joint unions multi-year pay claim for 2021-23 we expect to enter into formal negotiations next month. As members know the situation on pay is not looking good because of the punitive pay freeze that has been imposed by Government. This is obviously opposed by the probation unions and we have made it clear that it is simply untenable for our members who have worked so hard during the pandemic to be treated this way. We have also said that Probation reunification could never have happened without   the massive efforts of NPS and CRC members and this must be recognised.
Members have understandably been asking questions about when contractual pay progression (due from April 1st) is to be paid out by the NPS. Given the experiences of last year we have obviously been pressing the case at every opportunity for this to be implemented. The position is complicated by the insistence of the HM Treasury that they must give authority for this to happen as is the case for similar payments that may be due to staff in other government departments. There is a delicate balancing act for us between early payment of contractual progression and closing the door to any applications that may be made for other pay related matters.
More news on these and other pay issues that Napo is pursuing will follow as soon as it becomes available.