VLO update 06.10.23

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Members will be aware that the JES outcome for VLOs was recently announced and it was disappointing that the role came out as a Band 3. Napo informed members that all 3 trade unions intended to do a joint appeal against the outcome and had informed the employer of our intentions. However, at a staff meeting, the senior management representative informed staff that they could submit individual appeals, which some people have now done. This information was, however, incorrect and the individual appeals were subsequently refused although we are advised that they have subsequently been accepted by HMPPS.

This has caused further confusion and additional work to try to resolve the situation. As such the trade unions have asked the employer for an urgent meeting regarding the joint appeal, which is in line with the JES process. This will now take place next week where we hope to get clarification on how to proceed and to find a way through that will minimise the amount of work required for all parties. We will update members after next week’s meeting.