Stress at Work

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Stress at work is a significant issue for many of our members in both Family Courts and Probation services.  There are no magic wands to resolving this, but below there are some steps that can be taken to help address the problem.

This downloadable Napo leaflet has information on what you should do if you are suffering from stress at work. Hard copies of the leaflet are available from Napo as are posters to accompany the leaflet. You could distribute the leaflet amongst your colleagues as it highlights the dangers of prolonged stress. Stress is a collective issue so we need to combat it collectively.

If you are suffering from stress at work and have notified your line manager but nothing has been done, or has but there is no improvement, then complete a Napo foreseeability notice.

You can find lots more information on how to tackle stress in the HSE stress management standards – at this link

What to do if you work in Probation

Download a guide

Download this short stress questionnaire and encourage your colleagues to complete this. Give the results to your safety rep and your branch and discuss with them the next steps to take to address the issues raised by members in their completed stress questionnaires.