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You can save money on your Napo subscription by switching to Direct Debit - check the subscription rates here.

Click here to quickly and easily switch to paying by Direct Debit on-line

If you have been a member of Napo in the past and now wish to re-join, then please click here

Answers to your questions about Direct Debit can be found here Direct Debit - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently paying by salary deduction you will need to inform your payroll department by email that you wish to stop paying your Napo subscription through your salary.  Please also ensure that you get a confirmation email back from your payroll department confirming that they have actioned your request.

If you prefer to use a paper form and send it in to us then please complete the Direct Debit form (download it here) by hand, noting that In the Reference box it is essential that you enter your Membership Number so that you can be identified correctly – your membership number has been included in recent email correspondence from Napo, but please call our Membership department on 020 7223 4887 if you have not received the email for any reason.

If you have completd a paper direct debit mandate then please send it to:

Freepost NAPO

You do not need to write any further address information on the envelope or add any postage.

Alternatively you can scan your completed form and email it to: membership@napo.org.uk

Many thanks for your co-operation and for your continued support for Napo.