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Updating of Membership Details

It's really important that you update us with any changes to your membership details, including

  • changes to your home address and/or personal contact details
  • changes to your workplace address and contact details, job role, working hours, salary, etc.

You can check the information we hold for you through the Edit Profile option at the top right of the screen.  You will need to login to the Napo website to access this. 

Alternatively you can email membership@napo.org.uk to let us know of any changes to your details.

Remember to let us know if you are going on any types of leave from work, such as maternity, parternity, adoption, career break, etc. for a period of greater than one month as you may be entitled to free membership or reduced subscription rates for that period.  This includes if you go to half pay or no pay when on sick leave, as per our current subscription rates.

Many Thanks

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