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In summary, Napo is opposed to the proposal for fair and open competition to fill the new PDU/Deputy roles. We believe that these appointments must be handled under the existing mapping and matching process for the reasons set out below. Fair and...Read more
14th Feb 2020
The Trade Union Co-ordinating Group , which brings together 10 national unions, including Napo, to co-ordinate campaigning activities in parliament and beyond, has published a summary of the group's activities in 2019. TUCG SUMMARY 2019Read more
07th Feb 2020
News just in that Ian Barrow has been appointed as Interim Director for the Probation Workforce Programme , following its recent launch. He will take up post on the 3 February. Members will know Ian from his previous role as Probation Divisional...Read more
31st Jan 2020
AGS, Dean Rogers, ran a workshop at this year's AGM on understanding the Local Government Pension Scheme and the problems Napo has been helping members with in relation to Ill Health Early Retirement. If you missed this you can read the notes from...Read more
21st Oct 2019
Around two million women face difficulties in work because of one of the workplace’s biggest taboos: the menopause. That’s a significant number of women currently dealing with symptoms which can be severe and temporarily debilitating. And...Read more
21st Oct 2019
Negotiations between the unions and HMPPS to reach agreement on the terms for transfer of Offender Management work and CRC staff to the NPS in Wales in December this year, and the NPS in England, and other future probation providers in 2021 (should...Read more
21st Oct 2019
Last week Branches were notified of the dates of two TUC Equalities Conferences coming up early in 2020. TUC Women's Conference - 4th - 6th March 2020 TUC Black Workers' Conference - 25th and 26th April 2020 Both at TUC Congress House in London...Read more
21st Oct 2019
Behind the political drama of the last week (month/year/three years…) one thing is clear. We desperately need a new deal for working people. At TUC Congress the trade union movement set out an ambitious agenda for how to deliver that, with new...Read more
04th Oct 2019
This week saw the issuing of a communique and supplementary documents by the NPS to divisional leaders containing details of Phase 2 of the Offender Management in Custody Project. In August, Napo formally served notice of dispute on the NPS...Read more
04th Oct 2019
Napo’s campaign and negotiating teams have joined up to produce the latest ‘no holds barred’ position statement around the future of Probation. In a document that will form the basis of our contributions at the upcoming TUC and Labour Party...Read more
30th Aug 2019