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Napo’s campaign and negotiating teams have joined up to produce the latest ‘no holds barred’ position statement around the future of Probation. In a document that will form the basis of our contributions at the upcoming TUC and Labour Party...Read more
30th Aug 2019
The TUC has set out its key priorities for energy and climate change policy, which trade union members could find particularly useful in the context of the government’s commitment to a net zero carbon economy by 2050. The TUC statements contains...Read more
15th Aug 2019
A new report from the TUC Rights, International, Social and Economics Department finds that 3.7 million people in the UK are in insecure work due to being among the ranks of the low-paid self-employed, agency, casual and seasonal workers, or on zero...Read more
15th Aug 2019
Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s, call today for an urgent review of prison sentencing policy – which would see 10,000 extra prison places - has been all over the news today. Napo General Secretary, Ian Lawrence, spoke to Sky News’ lunchtime...Read more
12th Aug 2019
As a result of the government’s announcement, members will undoubtedly have lots of questions to ask about the consequences of this major change in direction and the impact on their future. You can access Napo's FAQ blog in the Members' Area of the...Read more
12th Aug 2019
Check out this BBC Witness History story about the introduction of Community Service in the 1970s. The introductions says: In the 1970s the UK tried to reduce its growing prison population. An experimental new punishment was introduced for convicted...Read more
12th Aug 2019
The overwhelming response from Napo members attending at the many Branch meetings I have had the pleasure of visiting, was to welcome the Government rethink on Probation but where they also raised two key questions. The first being: ‘what will be...Read more
08th Aug 2019
Forums and Events would like to invite you to attend our upcoming Reducing Reoffending and Changing Public Perception CPD conference. The speaker line-up includes: Gethin Jones, Inspiration Speaker, Trainer and Coach and Founder of Unlocking...Read more
02nd Aug 2019
The deadline for Motions and Constitutional Amendments for this year's AGM (11th & 12th October in the St David's Hall Cardiff) is very soon. They need to be with Napo HQ by 12 noon on Friday 16 August, so make sure you get them in on time...Read more
31st Jul 2019
When even the potential bidders for new contracts are concerned (as featured in a report by Danny Shaw to the Today Programme on 29 th July) about the viability it is ever more important to be clear about what would make a difference in the...Read more
29th Jul 2019