Operation Protect

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Hope all members got the link for our next joint trade union members’ meeting on 29th September.

Here is the link again  Joint Union Meeting Operation Protect 29th September 2023

Do forward this to your work email address if you got this sent to your personal email address and put this date in your diary now!

Lots of work has been and is going on since our launch on 26th June as per the bulletin sent out.

We are having a photo shoot at our AGM on Friday 20th October. Have you registered for AGM yet? If not done so, please do so at www.agm.napo.org.uk

Bring something Yellow to AGM if you can. All the information about Operation Protect is here also at https://www.napo.org.uk/operation-protect

And think about what we can do to make Fridays Yellow in the workplace?

And more importantly, talk to your colleagues not yet in a union and what we are doing and get them to join Napo.