Chaos reigns as CRC bidders are announced

Napo members have already signalled their disgust at the news of the preferred bidders for the 21 CRC contracts which are intended to be awarded under the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda....Read more

29th Oct 2014
Judicial Review Update

In our last email correspondence with members on Friday 24th October  we explained that we would be giving the Secretary of State a short extended period in which to respond to our previous...Read more

28th Oct 2014
Judicial Review Update

This message was sent to Napo members via their preferred e-mail address.

It was to advise members that in light of the response received by Napo today from the Treasury Solicitor (on...Read more

24th Oct 2014
TR Campaign Update

Following our excellent, united AGM Napo members have returned to the final weeks of the TR campaign to stop the share sale.

Below is a summary of current activity and an outline of our...Read more

16th Oct 2014
Performance related pay on the way in the NPS?

The Staff Performance & Development Report (SPDR) was discussed at a recent meeting between NOMS/NPS and the trade unions.  A new scheme was introduced into the Civil Service on 1 April and it...Read more

07th Oct 2014