What's new with Probation Training?

Future qualification training arrangements are hurriedly being worked up to reflect the new world.  Based in the NPS they will initially be aimed at graduate entrants with the next cohort due to...Read more

05th Jun 2014
Staffing chaos in Grayling's 'new look' Probation Service

Following the implementation of the Secretary of State Chris Grayling’s Transforming Rehabilitation agenda, which came into practice on 1 June, the Probation Service is now split into a National...Read more

05th Jun 2014
Reminder - Transforming Rehabilitation Briefings

We'd like to remind you that the Napo Transforming Rehabilitation briefings are available to view on this website in the Members Area. Please log in to view them.Read more

02nd Jun 2014
Chris Grayling's probation privatisation is a reckless gamble with public safety

"Over recent weeks, as we head towards the 1 June key milestone in the government's plans this weekend, I've heard some truly alarming reports on the chaos privatisation is causing: staff...Read more

31st May 2014
Dark Day in 106 Years of Probation Service

Today is the last working day of the 35 Probation Trusts of England and Wales as they are being closed down by the Secretary of State despite significant concerns that it is dangerous to do so....Read more

30th May 2014