Green EDMs , National Standards and Community Client Face to Face Meetings

In July the service informed staff that in line with the planned time scale for the changes to the Government’s road map on the 19 July, there would be a move through the...Read more

03rd Sep 2021
Job Evaluations for the Unified Model

Following significant work by trade unions to raise the issues HMPPS conducted a review of the implementation of the Job Evaluation Scheme (JES). The recommendations were helpful, vindicating all...Read more

20th Aug 2021
Health and Safety Update 20 August 2021

Anyone looking at images of Government benches during this week’s emergency session of the recalled House of Commons, and hearing of the removal of the hybrid working model meaning all MP’s...Read more

20th Aug 2021
Indicative ballot to reject the pay freeze and the insulting pay offer from the Probation Service

Earlier this year the Probation trade unions submitted a multi-year pay claim to try and achieve some certainty on pay going forward. After some promising early exchanges, the negotiations hit a...Read more

20th Aug 2021
Napo’s response to the HMIP Thematic Report on Drugs – August 2021

Napo members will be frustrated to read this report detailing the many failings of the failed...Read more

19th Aug 2021