Cardiff Westgate Office – Partially Closed

On the 16th November an intrusive survey identified the presence of RAAC in a building situated on top of the main building at the Cardiff Westgate Street Office. The rest of the main...Read more

24th Nov 2023
Interventions Teams Restructuring

Members will have no doubt seen the communications issued by the employers...Read more

17th Nov 2023
Edridge Fund Trustee

Nominations are invited from branches for an individual to serve as Trustee of the Edridge Fund.

What is the Edridge Fund?

Edridge is a registered charity which...Read more

10th Nov 2023
NEC - Nominations for Branch Reps

Due to ongoing vacancies nominations are sought for the NEC as detailed below:

Branches with no representation at NEC currently:

...Read more
10th Nov 2023
Nomination for a Black Representative to NEC 2023-2025

Nominations are sought for one Black Representative to the NEC, this rep can be female or male to join our exisiting Black Rep.

There is no facility time for this post....Read more

10th Nov 2023