Covid Crisis - Further protections secured for members

Since the last members mail out, the Probation Unions have been engaging with employers with the aim of achieving a fresh approach to safety across a number of operational areas in response to the...Read more

13th Jan 2021
Advice for members on preventing contact dermatitis caused by the cumulative exposure to chemicals

We are all using more and more chemicals to try to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and, particularly in winter, this can cause contact dermatitis due to the cumulative effect on the skin. Please...Read more

12th Jan 2021
Covid crisis- Unions demand a new safety action plan

Following our representations with employers and mailout report last week on health and safety in...Read more

11th Jan 2021
Unions demand action on new Covid risks

Important information for trade union members

In yesterday’s mail out, we advised members that Napo had been involved in urgent contact with employers following the new...Read more

06th Jan 2021
Covid Lockdown - Napo demands urgent action from all Employers

As you would expect Napo Officers and Officials have been in touch with senior management across all employers where we are recognised, to press for urgent action in light of yesterday’s...Read more

05th Jan 2021