Myth busting guide - An update

For Family Court Advisors - Please see below Information and link to document:

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21st Nov 2018
Napo registers a trade dispute over ViSOR vetting shambles

We are now entering into a trade dispute with the employer on the basis of their failure to properly support members who are experiencing difficulties related to vetting and to demand that where...Read more

17th Aug 2018
24 Hours in Police Custody - Channel 4 response

Yesterday we reported that the matter of the incorrect identifcation of an offender as a former probation officer in the Channel 4 documentary 24 Hours in Police Custody...Read more

31st May 2018
Napo Statement of Correction:

On 28th May Channel 4 aired the programme 24 Hours in Police Custody. In the programme the identity of an offender was disclosed as Joanne McCarthy, formerly known as Joanne McGovern...Read more

30th May 2018
OMiC Napo's view

Click here  to read Napo's current view on the Offender Management in CustodyRead more

13th Apr 2018