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While members have been asked to vote on the outcomes from the 2015-16 pay negotiations, we have wasted no time in pressing NOMS to engage with us to consider how we can get to grips with reviewing the probation pay system that was agreed way...Read more

22nd Apr 2016

The Officers have agreed the recommendation from the Napo negotiators to ask our members in the NPS and CRCs to signal their acceptance of a pay offer which has been made to the NNC Joint Secretaries this week. This has emerged from the...Read more

15th Apr 2016

Great aspirations for sure, but will the E3 implementation blueprint due out on Monday provide the means for the National Probation Service to lay claim to them over the next 12 months?

There won't be many of our members in the NPS and the...Read more

08th Apr 2016

I write this whilst keeping an eye on the news to see what comes of Business Minister Sajid Javid’s belated trip to Port Talbot, to explain to unions and workers exactly what his government have been doing to save the last vestiges of the UK...Read more

01st Apr 2016

This week’s meeting of your National Executive Committee saw a number of important decisions which means we can all go into the bank holidays with some good news for members.

Our finances

Following some excellent...Read more

24th Mar 2016

Next week’s meeting of Napo’s National Executive Committee (NEC) will be considering news on a number of key issues which will help determine the way that Napo engages with employers.

These will include the initial response to the ‘...Read more

18th Mar 2016

Yesterday’s meeting of the National Negotiating Council saw a full and frank but highly productive discussion between the employers and ourselves over the job evaluation (JE) results that were published last week.

In advance of this I had...Read more

11th Mar 2016

A pretty testing week for your team of Officials, as we went about our usual eclectic mix of activities which, for my part included a trip to visit members in Sheffield and Rotherham along with Ranjit on Tuesday, as part of the engagement...Read more

04th Mar 2016


Napo will soon be engaging in discussions about the impact of the recent announcements by Ministers and HMCTS of a large number of Court closures.
I understand that 300 staff are likely to be affected by...Read more
26th Feb 2016

This Moj report presents findings from the Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) written by Dr Alice Goisis, Dr Berkay Ozcan and Prof. Wendy Sigle from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
It describes variations in...Read more

19th Feb 2016