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Last Wednesday’s meeting of the National Negotiating Council (NNC) was something of a fraught affair. As largely expected, the National Probation Service indicated its intention to withdraw from the NNC and Standing Committee for Chief Officer...Read more

12th Dec 2016

It was great news to see the initiative by the Guardian this week in seeking the views of the public as to their opinions on the current state of the probation service. We constantly send them our media releases and other information and it was...Read more

02nd Dec 2016

Over the last week Napo has been seeking urgent action with different employers over a range of issues where the impact of excessive workloads on the health of our members has featured highly.

Firstly, the intention by NOMS to implement...Read more

28th Nov 2016

One of the last actions from our enlivening AGM in Wales was the debate around the emergency motion that alerted conference to the fact that Clause 29 of the Government’s Children and Social Work Bill, published the week before in committee,...Read more

18th Nov 2016

Given current developments on a number of fronts I will be posting a new blog this coming Friday as normal.

Meanwhile here is the message of solidarity to our brothers and sisters in the POA that we sent across earlier today.

 ...Read more

15th Nov 2016

A resounding ‘no’, was the not altogether surprising answer from the many stakeholders present at the Justice Committee seminar that took place in Parliament last Tuesday chaired by Robert Neill MP. Now Mr Neill is

...Read more
07th Nov 2016

We have secured more oral questions through the Labour Front Bench Team for next week’s justice question session in the Commons which relates to prison safety, access to justice and probation.

This is just one example of the parliamentary...Read more

28th Oct 2016

As I said last week, events in Probation are getting a pretty good airing within Parliament and occasionally outside as well (see BBC story below).

Last week saw the Justice Select Committee invite MoJ Permanent Secretary Richard Heaton to...Read more

21st Oct 2016

Yet another sign that Parliament is showing serious interest in the shambolic state of the probation landscape arrived yesterday. The Justice Select Committee (JSC) have sent me a personal invitation to speak to them on November 1st  on the...Read more

14th Oct 2016

Your new Officers Group convene next week alongside Napo Officials for our first meeting after what was by anyone’s standards, an absolutely fabulous Annual General Meeting in Cardiff.

Given that there will be a detailed report to members...Read more

07th Oct 2016