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Many of our members have been saying that for years of course, but being personally billed as such immediately after the interview I did with BBC Radio 4 on Monday regarding the Prime Minister’s earlier speech on prison reform, was one of those...Read more

12th Feb 2016
Staff cuts are very much a source of major concern for members these days even among those who have yet to hear what their employers have in store for them as their respective CRC's now see the consequences of the flawed TR...Read more
05th Feb 2016

It’s not often that anyone could claim that a Parliamentary debate was riveting stuff, but I will claim a first in respect of the one which took place on Wednesday night on Prisons and Probation as a result of a motion tabled by the Opposition....Read more

29th Jan 2016

As we predicted even before the ink was dry on the CRC share sale contracts our members are now seeing the full extent of the real agenda behind the TR Programme.

As we receive report after report about the operational...Read more
22nd Jan 2016

Here is the Joint communique issued by Napo and Unison this afternoon in response to the announcements of intended staff reductions across the Purple Futures CRC's.

As you would expect Napo has incorporated this depressing news into a...Read more

20th Jan 2016

Some weeks ago I described the NOMS E3 project as the operational structure that ought to have been designed well before the actual pre- TR split of the probation workforce took place.

Everything that I have seen since convinces me that...Read more

15th Jan 2016


Hot after the Xmas break during which Napo got some respectable coverage in national media and local radio outlets, comes more dreadful news from Staffordshire and West Midlands and the Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northampton and Rutland...Read more

08th Jan 2016

News of an appalling case of self-harm which took place at a Bristol Court last week made the local media, and obviously does not make for...Read more

23rd Dec 2015

Christmas and bad news are synonymous, especially if you are employed within one of the three Working Links (WL) Community Rehabilitation Companies covering Wales and the South West of England.

Although we are short of vital information...Read more

18th Dec 2015


News reaches Napo from a helpful MoJ source that one of Sodexo's Community Rehabilitation Companies has been placed on a Formal Remedial Plan under the contract with the Department.
We will of course make...Read more
15th Dec 2015