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Monday in Westminster, with a high octane TUC rally and Parliamentary Lobby against the Trade Union Bill which saw over a thousand people unable to actually get into Central Hall. No matter, because an impromptu additional stage was provided...Read more

06th Nov 2015

Every week in Napo brings new and often unexpected challenges and this one typified the way in which we work collaboratively to try and address our members' problems and ensure that our external supporters get the information they need to bring...Read more

30th Oct 2015


Twitter aficionado’s (@ilawrenceL) and Napo web page visitors will hopefully have seen what I said on Tuesday at the conference organised by the excellent ‘NO Offence’ organisation where the star guests included Paul Wilson HM...Read more
23rd Oct 2015


Today sees a number of staff briefings taking place across the Purple Futures (Interserve) CRC’s where the audience will get the opportunity to hear from Senior Managers and watch a corporate video about the Operating Model that has been...Read more

13th Oct 2015

I have almost forgotten the number of times over the years that I have heard politicians dismiss huge public demonstrations against their policies as being ‘unrepresentative’. The TUC rally against Austerity and The Trade Union Bill last Sunday...Read more

09th Oct 2015
Some good news for once in that Sir Martin Narey has completed his review of Probation Qualifications and that he and the Secretary of State have approved the original proposals for Community Justice Learning apparently without any amendments...Read more
06th Oct 2015


The post-TR shambles manifests itself in increasingly incredulous ways and now we are investigating reports that the relocation of established office premises is adding even worse...Read more

02nd Oct 2015

Another full on five days doing what our members expect us to do, has seen the Officers, Officials and myself engaging with NOMS senior management on the harmonisation of policies, a meeting of the NEC, a meeting of the National Negotiating...Read more

25th Sep 2015

Is a long time; or so the adage goes, but how quick are the cynics to stab their own in the back just days after Jeremy Corbyn is elected by a resounding majority of his party's members?

Whether or not he is around in five years to...Read more
18th Sep 2015

Typically, the media today seemed more concerned about Jeremy Corbyn choosing to not sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial service than what he said in his speech to Congress yesterday.

It speaks volumes in terms...Read more
16th Sep 2015