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Whatever your political views are, this years general election is the most undecided in a generation and is probably the most significant since 1945; this means that it has never been more important for people to use their democratic right to...Read more

06th May 2015

Last weeks dramatic developments kept us well occupied as we tried to heap the pressure on Sodexo following their shabby handling of their preposterous and downright dangerous job cuts programme. At this week’s Meeting of Napo's National...Read more

30th Apr 2015

Our talks with Sodexo on Monday following their announcement of 600 intended job losses and their disingenuous stance on EVR were not exactly convivial, but we were at least able to reach agreement on the need for them to go back to their...Read more

24th Apr 2015

Yesterdays meeting between Sodexo bosses and the probation unions which was diplomatically described in the joint statement that followed as a 'full and frank' discussion, paved the way for an announcement that will be issued formally tomorrow...Read more

21st Apr 2015

Yesterday's NNC meeting followed Thursdays encounter with the MoJ Permanent...Read more

18th Apr 2015

A frantic week. One truncated by a bank holiday and some leave which I have been trying to take for ages, during which I did a few radio interviews about the job cut announcements in the Sodexo owned CRC's.

I am posting this straight...Read more

10th Apr 2015

Following the discontinuation of the Judicial Review application last December, we wrote to all of the TR contractors pointing out the core elements of our evidence and that which the Secretary of State had offered as proof that he and his...Read more

01st Apr 2015

Earlier this week I issued Branch Circulars 24/2015 and 25/2015...Read more

27th Mar 2015

Don’t hold your collective breath but we are at last set to get around the table again over the now somewhat ancient 2014 pay claim.

Both Unison and ourselves are still in dispute over the shoddy response and the insulting delay which...Read more

20th Mar 2015

An unexpected, but as always, welcome opportunity to explain the important contribution that is made by our members to public protection, came in the form of Tuesday’s release of a report secured under the Freedom of Information Act. The subject...Read more

13th Mar 2015