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By now you should have had some feedback from last weeks meeting of Branch Chairs and Representatives which the Officer Group convened as soon as we took the unanimous decision to discontinue the Judicial Review following legal...Read more
22nd Dec 2014

Since last weeks news about the discontinuance of the Judicial Review application we have been busy preparing for the costs hearing that took place on Friday, and getting out as much information to you as we have been able to, notwithstanding the...Read more

15th Dec 2014

It's a while since I last had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in Newcastle, although 12 hours (less 4 in sleep - what a luxury ) meant that I didn't exactly get to do the guided tour of this vibrant Northern city. Nevertheless, it was a...Read more

08th Dec 2014

It was a highly dramatic and tension filled day at the high Court on Wednesday. Yvonne Pattison and I attended the disclosure hearing along...Read more

28th Nov 2014

So, yet another testing week in front of us, as I write we await confirmation of a date and time for consideration of our application for...Read more

24th Nov 2014

Well actually it was an afternoon, but by the time we emerged from the Directions hearing and consulted again with our learned friends and got temporarily locked in at the Royal Courts of Justice (surely not deliberate) it seemed like I had been...Read more

19th Nov 2014

Today marks the start of what is a defining moment for your union as we move towards the conclusion of this vital part of our campaign to try and prevent the part privatisation of the Probation service. Whatever happens to our quest for Judicial...Read more

17th Nov 2014
In between awaiting more news on the timetable for the Judicial Review process (another mail out by the end of the week will follow) here is some news on other issues that I hope will interest you.

Electronic Monitoring - Value

...Read more
12th Nov 2014

I signed off a members’ mail out from the Officers and myself this afternoon to update you in detail about where we are with JR. Meanwhile, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally express my appreciation to everyone (and I mean everyone)...Read more

08th Nov 2014

Well, we waited, and we waited for the grand announcement about who all these exciting and innovative providers would be, and the Cooks and Cleaners have pitched up.

That’s no disrespect to anyone...Read more

29th Oct 2014