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The first week of the new order did not get off to a particularly auspicious start. Firstly the expected (but not surprisingly delayed) resignation of Paul McDowell former HM Inspector Probation, which followed the Sodexo conflict of interest...Read more

06th Feb 2015

TV and media appearances are part and parcel of a General Secretary's job spec. Departing at 6:00am on a freezing snow bound Sunday morning from Kent to Broadcasting House for my appointment with Breakfast TV, a round trip of nearly three hours (...Read more

02nd Feb 2015

Somewhat predictably the lead in to the final day of Probation under public ownership has been marred by further chaos and confusion. This time its not about the operational situation which sees little sign of getting better, but the thorny...Read more

30th Jan 2015

A hugely testing week for us as usual but one that has caused us to put considerable pressure on MOJ/NOMS about the introduction of the Rehabilitation Activity Requirement, which is a feature of the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014.

This,...Read more

23rd Jan 2015

A hugely diverse week in terms of activities and meetings draws to a close. Hopefully you will have seen the latest Napo Pay Briefing issued to Branches on Monday: https://www.napo.org...Read more

16th Jan 2015

Just before the festive break (which I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy) I made mention of our intention to hold the MoJ to account over the ongoing safety and operational issues that have featured large in our campaign against the TR share...Read more

07th Jan 2015


By now you should have had some feedback from last weeks meeting of Branch Chairs and Representatives which the Officer Group convened as soon as we took the unanimous decision to discontinue the Judicial Review following legal...Read more
22nd Dec 2014

Since last weeks news about the discontinuance of the Judicial Review application we have been busy preparing for the costs hearing that took place on Friday, and getting out as much information to you as we have been able to, notwithstanding the...Read more

15th Dec 2014

It's a while since I last had the opportunity to spend a bit of time in Newcastle, although 12 hours (less 4 in sleep - what a luxury ) meant that I didn't exactly get to do the guided tour of this vibrant Northern city. Nevertheless, it was a...Read more

08th Dec 2014

It was a highly dramatic and tension filled day at the high Court on Wednesday. Yvonne Pattison and I attended the disclosure hearing along...Read more

28th Nov 2014