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The news that we gave out late on Friday that we had decided to allow Mr Grayling a very short extension to our ‘cease and desist’ request as part of our legal challenge seems to have ruffled his feathers....Read more

27th Oct 2014

All who have witnessed Chris Graylings chaotic meddling with the Criminal Justice System will surely be beyond exasperation at his regular use of flawed or incomplete statistics and outright lies, as he seeks to...Read more

23rd Oct 2014

I want to say a massive thank you to all those members who made the journey up to Scarborough last week. Despite the pressures of the work state and operational chaos you find yourselves in, and...Read more

14th Oct 2014

It was a real pleasure to be invited to speak at the Association of Black Probation Officers Conference in Newbold Revel yesterday. I returned to London seriously fired up after hearing a quite fabulous...Read more

04th Oct 2014

Trips to 102 Petty France Street, the imposing and hermetically sealed headquarters of the MoJ are a bit like a journey into the modern day equivalent of ‘Castle Greyskull’ (as in Masters of the Universe). That said, and notwithstanding the...Read more

30th Sep 2014

Observations from members attending Napo Branch meetings are a precious commodity that anyone in a leadership position in our union should heed carefully. The above question/observation was just one of many valuable contributions that came from...Read more

25th Sep 2014

I have just covered a number of issues in my Napo news article so I wanted to sign this week off with a word or two about the news that Grayling has reportedly included a ‘sabotage clause’ into the intended CRC contracts, so that Labour, should...Read more

12th Sep 2014

Napo has had a really successful couple of days here in the maritime quarter of this great city. This morning our two motions seeking support to oppose the TR disaster and the sale of Children's Services were...Read more

09th Sep 2014

We are at the end of a week in which, notwithstanding the continually dreadful distractions of regional conflict and the mindless carnage perpetrated on individuals and communities around the world, signalled the start of the run in to the next...Read more

05th Sep 2014

It’s a big week for Napo in Parliament with simultaneous meetings of the Family Court Unions Parliamentary Group where Cafcass Chief Executive Anthony Douglas will be attending and a ‘Speak up for Justice’ review session with Sadiq Khan in...Read more

01st Sep 2014