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Lots to catch up on today back at base, following another 'full on' week, including a positive NEC so more on that (and more besides) next week. Meanwhile, a quick blog posting to alert you to yet another extraordinary response to one of our...Read more

11th Jul 2014

Aside from the obvious question of how many more of these can there be? It’s pretty rare for a Government Minister to have such a torrid time of it over the course of five days unless there are any of you old...Read more

04th Jul 2014

In what must be the worst example of denial in the face of compelling empirical evidence that I have seen in a long time, the BBC decided to ignore the 50,000 people who assembled right outside their ivory tower...Read more

26th Jun 2014

Out on the stump

I have always thought that the best part of the job as an employee of a trade union is being able to get out and engage with members who pay your wages and are having to face the harsh realities of life at...Read more

18th Jun 2014

With the FIFA World Cup a matter of hours away it’s as good a time as any to contrast Napo’s chances of emerging victorious in our campaign to stop the TR share sale with those of the England football squad in Brazil. Cynics might suggest that...Read more

11th Jun 2014

The launch of the National Probation Service and the 21 Community Rehabilitation Companies has been accompanied by an array of corporate speak quotations from a number of the new CRC Chief Executives in their introductory messages. You know...Read more

05th Jun 2014

The following is essentially the same content as appeared in my message to members last night but today, of all days, I cannot think that there is anything additional to say

Today represents a dark day in...Read more

30th May 2014

Members will by now be aware that Tom Rendon has decided to step down from his role as National Chair. I have replied to Tom on a personal basis and wished him well for the future. He has many talents and has made a major contribution to the life...Read more

23rd May 2014

Just listening to the opening debates at the PCS National Conference in Brighton this afternoon which follows the earlier decisions reached at the MOJ Group Conference which I was invited to over the last two...Read more

20th May 2014

Last weekend’s furore over the missing millions that Education Secretary Michael Gove is reputed to have shifted into supporting his Free Schools project at the expense of much needed state places, bears a striking similarity to the position...Read more

14th May 2014