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Our very strong representations over the 2017/18 NPS pay debacle and the so far going nowhere any...Read more

16th Mar 2018

With speculation rife over the weekend that the new Secretary of State has had enough of the prison safety situation and that changes may be likely at the top of HMPPS, I expect that it’s not just a number of football...Read more

05th Mar 2018

There has been significant feedback into Napo HQ and through members of the Probation Negotiating Committee (PNC) who met last week, about the shoddy and disrespectful response to the union’s claims on 2017-18 pay and longer-term probation pay...Read more

26th Feb 2018

The signs were clear at last year’s AGM in Nottingham that the political tides which have revealed the wreckage of privatisation were turning back in our favour. We heard keynote speeches from both ends of the...Read more

16th Feb 2018

Well a number of places actually,  starting from a freezing Biggin Hill in Kent whilst awaiting the early morning pick up from Sky News for my 07:15 live interview in Millbank. Getting out of bed at unearthly hours for media appointments comes...Read more

07th Feb 2018

Its hardly surprising that we have had a number of enquiries asking about the progress in our attempts to close off what has passed as “negotiations” on 2017/18 pay and where we are in making progress on a new pay structure.

We hope to...Read more

26th Jan 2018

As promised and with massive thanks to Kath Falcon here at Falcon Road here is a summary of the...Read more

22nd Jan 2018

Our comms team are in the process of carefully analysing this week’s oral evidence session of the Committee for Public Accounts (PAC). Here the cross-party committee gave Michael Spurr and MoJ Permanent Secretary Richard Heaton a torrid time as...Read more

19th Jan 2018

That track by the legendary rock band Queen as in: ‘another one bites the dust’ is especially apposite in terms of this week’s announcement of a new Secretary of State for Justice. The cabinet shuffle, or shambles depending on your point of view...Read more

12th Jan 2018

The results of the Femicide Censusprovides a depressing narrative of the numbers of women (113 in 2016) who were killed by their partner or ex-partner. The report makes for shocking reading but is another addition to the litany of...Read more

05th Jan 2018