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I guess that very few people will be surprised to learn that the privatisation of part of the Approved Premises Waking Night Cover arrangements has hit on some problems. Napo has raised concerns with NPS project leads indicating that some members...Read more

22nd Dec 2017

A packed house at the REFORM Think Tank event yesterday in Westminster, who hosted a keynote speech by the Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor David Lidington.

The early morning news bulletins had forecasted the crack down...Read more

19th Dec 2017

It was of some concern to see the unwelcome developments around the intention of CAFCASS senior management to unilaterally impose further changes to the workload weighting scheme. The section negotiators were not originally consulted about these...Read more

15th Dec 2017

We have been reporting on the farcical engagement we have been having recently with senior NPS leaders on 2017 pay and we were visited at this week’s TU engagement meeting by Martin Beacroft  the HMPPS HR lead. Martin came to tell us that our...Read more

08th Dec 2017

It’s late on a Friday and I have still to do some work in advance of a full day’s business in Cornwall on Monday speaking with Napo members and meeting the local Police and Crime Commissioners.

I will shortly be issuing another statement...Read more

01st Dec 2017

The General Secretary has had news of a family bereavement and has had to leave duty early today.

Meanwhile Ian has asked that his speech to this Morning's Napo the Forum conference be published instead of his normal Blog posting.

...Read more

24th Nov 2017

Just when you thought the probation crisis had reached a nadir comes news that two CRC owners have decided to make further cuts to staffing in a desperate attempt they tell us to keep their front line operations afloat.

Interserve,...Read more

17th Nov 2017

Another intensive and highly absorbing week, which included attendance at two high profile conferences where academics, practitioners, service users, politicians, inspectors and Napo provided a critique of the current situation in probation and...Read more

10th Nov 2017

We have had some excellent feedback from member’s, associate and retired members and outside allies to last week’s BBC Panorama programme. Whilst there were a couple of grumbles the key questions that have come in were around what happens next?...Read more

03rd Nov 2017

The social media activity that followed this weeks Panorama expose into the state of the Probation service shows that the issues highlighted in...Read more

26th Oct 2017