Ian Lawrence's Blog

Hard on the heels of last week’s revelations that at least £22 Million has found its way into struggling CRC’s to see them through this financial year (and still we await news of Sodexo’s hand out), comes an eye watering report that £277 million...Read more

11th Aug 2017

In a week which again featured major disturbances in Prisons with any number...Read more

05th Aug 2017

The annual briefing with the MOJ Permanent Secretary Richard Heaton and his senior HMPPS...Read more

29th Jul 2017

I don’t suppose for one minute that any of our members will have been surprised to see the statements of intent from the Ministers with responsibility for probation that were issued on Wednesday evening.

Timing is always important but so...Read more

21st Jul 2017

Between now and the October AGM, our members are being asked to consider the future direction of travel for Napo.

My experience of organisation and structure reviews in the three unions I have been privileged to work for prior to Napo,...Read more

14th Jul 2017

With Ian away on annual leave I’m filling in for his blog with a quick overview of some issues we’re engaged with nationally and an invitation to all Napo members to join a big conversations on professional issues, informing issues that will have...Read more

07th Jul 2017

So much for ‘flaming June’, but at least the political scene has been running hot. Following a hugely dramatic week (featuring a farce of the highest order in respect of the public sector pay cap) which has revealed the 3.5 billion price we are...Read more

03rd Jul 2017

As everyone who has suffered the chaos that has befallen probation knows, the Through the Gate (TTG) scheme was heralded as the main driver for Transforming Rehabilitation by the former and unlamented Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling...Read more

23rd Jun 2017

For some time now we have been highlighting the appalling impact of the government pay freeze and the lack of cash to support the Probation pay agreement that dates back to 2008. I was not involved in those negotiations which were concluded just...Read more

16th Jun 2017

True to the run of political surprises that have occurred across Europe and America over the past year or so we now have a Hung Parliament.

As I write this, Mrs May has just got back from seeing the Queen and is announcing her intention...Read more

09th Jun 2017