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Just when you thought the probation crisis had reached a nadir comes news that two CRC owners have decided to make further cuts to staffing in a desperate attempt they tell us to keep their front line operations afloat.

Interserve,...Read more

17th Nov 2017

Another intensive and highly absorbing week, which included attendance at two high profile conferences where academics, practitioners, service users, politicians, inspectors and Napo provided a critique of the current situation in probation and...Read more

10th Nov 2017

We have had some excellent feedback from member’s, associate and retired members and outside allies to last week’s BBC Panorama programme. Whilst there were a couple of grumbles the key questions that have come in were around what happens next?...Read more

03rd Nov 2017

The social media activity that followed this weeks Panorama expose into the state of the Probation service shows that the issues highlighted in...Read more

26th Oct 2017

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who made their way to Nottingham last week for a hugely successful Annual General Meeting. By now, all attendees should have received a survey asking for your feedback on the way in which conference was...Read more

20th Oct 2017

As I previously reported the TUC public sector pay campaign is being launched on 17th October with a Parliamentary Lobby (2:00)  followed by an evening Rally in Parliament Square (6:30).

National Vice-Chair Tina Williams will be...Read more

06th Oct 2017

Last week saw a meeting (at last) between the Probation Unions and the HMPPS senior managers in charge of the shared services division (SSCL). This is the organisation who are responsible for paying NPS staff correctly and administering the...Read more

02nd Oct 2017

I have been advised of a change to the start time for the TUC’s public sector pay rally taking place in Parliament Square on Tuesday 17 October

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22nd Sep 2017

This week’s TUC in Brighton had a definite feel of renewed hope following the unexpected result of the General Election.

Two key issues were hot topics for debate. One was obviously the need to break the public sector pay cap (...Read more

15th Sep 2017

The Trade Union Congress gets underway in Brighton on Sunday and Napo has two keynote motions which will be up for debate on Tuesday morning. We always have two motions at the TUC and they always get carried; but I have been doing some work with...Read more

08th Sep 2017