Equality and Diversity

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Napo is the largest recognised trade union in both Cafcass and the Probation Service. To ensure we continue and fight as an independent and vibrant trade union and advance the collective professional interests of our members we need to build our membership base and increase activism.  It is recognised that within Napo organising activity varies from branch to branch. Organising is crucial to any successful recruitment initiative. These webpages will help  support your branch develop a comprehensive ‘organising’ strategy so that we can defend the individual and collective interests of our members and create opportunities that encourage members to get actively involved in their branches.

Napo Polices

LGB&T Policy and Strategy

Transgender Policy and Strategy

Women in Napo 

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Staff Associations

Currently there are four Probation Staff Associations: ABPO; LAGIP; NAAPS and NDSN

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LGB&T Resources

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NOMS Guides

How to consider reasonable adjustments