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Napo's GS, Ian Lawrence, described yesterday as "absolutely frenetic" as he was pulled into one media interview after another when the press got whiff of the latest issues plaguing probation. The NPS IT chaos kicked things off, with Live Sport Radio...Read more
24th Jan 2019
This week (Monday 21 January) saw the publication of what the government is hailing as a landmark Bill on Domestic Abuse. The draft Bill is aimed at supporting victims and their families and pursuing offenders. It comes as it is revealed domestic...Read more
22nd Jan 2019
Napo’s campaign to reunite the Probation Service starts now. The campaign is to be launched on the back of recent media coverage of the dangers of a split probation service evidenced by the shocking rise in SFOs since TR. Napo will be urging...Read more
18th Jan 2019
The probation unions are secheduled to meet with Secretary of State for Justice, David Gauke, and Probation Minister, Rory Steward on 29th January. This will be the first meeting of its kind with the ministerial team and a longer than usual meeting...Read more
18th Jan 2019
Napo members in the NPS and CRCs have been left feeling more than frustrated since chaos gripped IT systems this week. Napo GS Ian Lawrence and National Chair Katie Lomas tackled the employer at yesterday's Trade Union Engagement Meeting, who...Read more
18th Jan 2019
Birmingham Rep brings the CJS to the stage Three short plays combined in one production, The Sentence , from the BOLDtext Playwrites collective will be performed by Birmingham Rep on 28th January as part of their 'Open Door' season. It will be...Read more
17th Jan 2019
With prisons in England and Wales bursting at the seams, proposals to axe sentences under six months seem like a great idea. Justice minister, Rory Stewart, who put forth the plan, told the Telegraph that short sentences were "long enough to damage...Read more
14th Jan 2019
This weekend, the Observer reported that serious further offences have risen by a staggering 50% since Grayling got his hands on the probation service. SFOs increased from 409 in the year before the 2014 reforms to 627 in the 12 months up to last...Read more
14th Jan 2019