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For years, Napo members have known what a catastrophe Chris Grayling is. Dubbed "Failing Grayling", the Tory secretary of state seems to have the reverse Midas Touch with an uncanny ability to corrode everything he gets his hands on. The probation...Read more
06th Mar 2019
Good news just in. HMPPS has exceptionally agreed to provide one day’s facility time for members from each Division to attend The Women in Napo Conference on Friday 5th April. Employee relations have written to Divisional Directors asking them to...Read more
01st Mar 2019
Today, 1 st March 2019, the National Audit Office has published it report into Transforming Rehabilitation. Napo was aware of the reports contents earlier this week and has released a press release CLICK HERE TO READ setting out our response. The...Read more
01st Mar 2019
The TUC and the GMB launched a new disability passport to help disabled people who fall out of work or switch employers each year to get the support they need. The TUC says "disabled people still face significant barriers to getting a job and...Read more
28th Feb 2019
The Office of National Statistics published figures yesterday that show, not surprisingly, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. TUC's general secretary, Frances O'Grady, said it's time the government did something about it...Read more
27th Feb 2019
NPS North West got a thumbs up from the probation inspectorate who said the division had "a clear vision and strategy for high-quality services" but warned there was not enough staff to deliver them. Dame Glenys said: “The division is delivering a...Read more
27th Feb 2019
Probation staff are being scapegoated for mistakes caused by Grayling's failed privatisation experiment Napo's GS told Byline magazine. In his interview with Hardeep Mathura, Ian revealed the union’s caseload of probation officers involved in...Read more
25th Feb 2019
On Monday 18th, Justice Secretary, David Gauke, gave a speech setting out his vision for a "smart" justice system - which he said would reduce reoffending, protect the public and ensure serious criminals receive the punishment they deserve. On...Read more
21st Feb 2019
HM Inspectorate of Probation has published an inspection report on probation services provided by Humberside, Lincolnshire & North Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) and has rated the CRC as ‘Requires improvement’ . HMPI said "Our...Read more
21st Feb 2019
Napo is disappointed that the minister did not make a verbal statement to the House yesterday. A number of questions had been prepared for MPs that had indicated they would like to speak and we had hoped to glean more information from the session...Read more
19th Feb 2019