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Many of the difficulties we encountered during Phase 1 of the so called efficiency, effectiveness and excellence programme (E3), were usually down to the usual three M’s. In no particular order these comprised:...Read more

17th Mar 2017

Heading back from Manchester and the hugely successful Family Court Section Annual General Meeting yesterday, gave me an opportunity to reflect on the appallingly unrealistic demands being placed on our CAFCASS members who are trying to shore up...Read more

10th Mar 2017

Following a spate of suspensions of staff in premises across the North West NPS Division in connection with a new policy on the handling of medication, Dean Rogers and myself went to see Sonia Crozier last week. Here we expressed our serious...Read more

03rd Mar 2017

It was no surprise to receive questions from members this week following the latest pronouncement by the Secretary of State that raising salaries for Prison Officers is a priority as part of the government's drive to improve standards of prison...Read more

24th Feb 2017

Workload pressures and the unreasonable expectations that accompany them are the bane of everyone’s lives. Sadly they cannot just be wished away and stuffing cases in cupboards or a desk drawer doesn’t solve the problem either. Since the...Read more

17th Feb 2017
So, our well informed speculation about the new HM Prisons and Probation Service agency (HMPPS) has become fact, following this weeks announcement by the Secretary of State that NOMS will cease to be known by...Read more
10th Feb 2017

More often than not, beleaguered Government Ministers are regularly asked to do the exact opposite. It's an occupational hazard for anyone in charge of anything of course, but heading up one of the most powerful departments of state brings big...Read more

03rd Feb 2017

The team here at Falcon Road have been busier than normal this week with briefings for activists and members on issues such as our campaign to defend collective bargaining and the launch of our new workloads initiative with supporting material...Read more

27th Jan 2017

‘What’s Napo doing about it?’

It’s about the most repeated, and certainly not unreasonable, question that you and the team here at Falcon Road hear from members. Given the daily challenges that you face at the workplace, be it as a result...Read more

20th Jan 2017

As many of you will be aware, the new Civil Service Attendance Management Policy was implemented by NOMS into the NPS on 5th January 2017.

It seems that the implementation of this policy, despite the failure to agree it with Napo and...Read more
13th Jan 2017