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Staff working in the NPS below their band maxima will receive their contractual increment in this month’s pay HMPPS confirmed this week.

The NPS have said payments will be paid earlier than has previously been the case to avoid any...Read more

28th Apr 2017

When politicians, especially a Prime Minister, consistently deny that they intend to announce a general election and then do exactly the opposite when it suits, then it’s hardly surprising that a large proportion of the UK electorate will feel...Read more

21st Apr 2017

I was not exaggerating in my last Blog post when I said that this week was going to be full of news and so it proved. NPS members have now been sent a consultative ballot in respect of the outcome of negotiations which have taken an age to reach...Read more

07th Apr 2017

To say it’s been an interesting and full on week for Napo is a bit of an understatement. We have some important news to announce for NPS members shortly about the conclusion of the negotiations on the Maternity policy and harmonisation package...Read more

31st Mar 2017

Next week sees the second session of the Justice Select Committee hearings into Transforming Rehabilitation. Napo will be among those who have been invited as Witnesses to provide oral evidence.

It’s one of...Read more

24th Mar 2017

Many of the difficulties we encountered during Phase 1 of the so called efficiency, effectiveness and excellence programme (E3), were usually down to the usual three M’s. In no particular order these comprised:...Read more

17th Mar 2017

Heading back from Manchester and the hugely successful Family Court Section Annual General Meeting yesterday, gave me an opportunity to reflect on the appallingly unrealistic demands being placed on our CAFCASS members who are trying to shore up...Read more

10th Mar 2017

Following a spate of suspensions of staff in premises across the North West NPS Division in connection with a new policy on the handling of medication, Dean Rogers and myself went to see Sonia Crozier last week. Here we expressed our serious...Read more

03rd Mar 2017

It was no surprise to receive questions from members this week following the latest pronouncement by the Secretary of State that raising salaries for Prison Officers is a priority as part of the government's drive to improve standards of prison...Read more

24th Feb 2017