At last we are in a position to publicise the pay offer and all NPS members for whom we have a preferred email address should have received a unique code which will allow you to vote in the ballot which launched today.

I don’t intend to rehearse our written commentary on the offer which appears on the website and is as thorough as can be and includes a commetary which is very relevant for our CRC members. We will supplement this where necessary but in respect of pay enquiries could members please firstly read NPS News 122 and look at the helpful Pay ‘ready reckoner’ to show what the offer means to you before contacting Napo. If you still have a query please route these through your Branch where reps have been sent information to try and deal with members questions. If you are still unsure about something please send your query to info@napo.org.uk. We will get back to you, so don’t worry if it’s not an instant reply.

Why vote yes?

We are recommending (what is after nearly a decade of pay restraint) that our NPS members accept the offer. Rather than write reams of narrative given the welter of material out there, why not see for yourself what I said at Conference last week.

I am indebted to Gordon Jackson of The Four Shires Branch who knows how to use social media in a positive way for recording certain extracts of my speech to the AGM as follows:  

NPS Pay Offer


My closing thoughts including reunification of the Probation service

If you are not bored enough already here’s the full speech CLICK HERE  covering other issues such as Brexit and the need to stand up against the rise of far right extremists (more on that particular subject next week).

Unions to hold pay meetings, be sure to attend the right one!

Unfortunately, I see that some rather unhelpful messages about Union Pay briefing meetings which have been issued in one of the NPS divisions. I am taking this up with NPS senior management to say I am not exactly enamoured, but for the sake of clarity: Napo, UNISON and GMB will be conducting briefing meetings for our respective members at which for Napo’s part, prospective members can attend, join Napo afterwards and vote on the Offer.

Confusion has been caused by messages inviting all staff in some LDUs to UNISON meetings, but our sister unions policy on inviting non-members differs from ours.

At our meetings you will hear why we are standing by our conviction that this offer is the best available in the present economic climate and why we are putting faith in our members to endorse that view.


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