Why Join Napo?

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5 Reasons to be With Napo

1. The best employment insurance available

Why insure your car, house, holiday but not the thing that pays for them? Like any form of insurance, we can’t guarantee you won’t have a problem but we do guarantee the best available help and support if you have a problem at work with clients, colleagues or those in charge.


2. A strong voice

Napo is the recognised collective voice for staff across probation. No matter where you work or who pays your wages Napo is a recognised voice, negotiating T&Cs and making the links between treating staff well and outcomes for clients.


3. The professional champions

Across probation, Napo is the credible voice on professional standards. We run professional conferences for members; publish the Probation Journal and the Family Court Journal, and represent the professional voice to decision makers.


4. The campaigning voice

We take the arguments for high professional standards, fair and appropriate funding and dignity at work to decision makers – via parliament, national and regional assemblies and into local communities. Napo makes sure the probation and family court services, and those who work in them, are seen heard and respected.


5. The inclusive union

Napo is effective because we’re a listening organisation that genuinely knows and reflects our members’ views and priorities. Because we’re small with a history of actively promoting inclusion we have flat structures, open to everyone. Our policies and priorities are set by our Annual General Meeting, which doubles as a professional development event you’re invited to attend. We also have numerous networks, linking people with similar interests and priorities which contribute to policy outcomes. We do not give money to political parties.


5 More Reasons to be With Napo

1. You can guarantee your voice is heard

Somewhere within Napo you can find a safe and secure place to raise your ideas, thoughts and concerns. You’re never on your own in Napo.


2. We get results

Not every time because we are not miracle workers but every year hundreds of members are threatened with dismissal or disciplinary action are protected by Napo representatives; we win thousands of pounds in compensation for members injured, discriminated against or badly treated at work; and we make workplaces safer, more secure and more rewarding places to work through collective representation.


3. We practice what we preach

Everything we do and how we do it reflects the values of you and the services you work in. We’re honest, open, transparent, professional and when faced with challenges we meet them together for the best interests of members. We find flexible, creative solutions not dogmas.


4. It’s cheaper than you think

As a professional association as well as a union, you’re entitled to money back on membership via tax breaks. We also have partnerships that provide you with access to competitive home and car insurance; wider legal support and services for you and your family. We’re constantly expanding areas where membership can save money.


5. It’s really easy to join

Just fill in the form via www.napo.org.uk. You can participate in Napo, accessing our services and support from day 1 of your membership.*

*full legal representation is only provided after 3 months membership


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