Issues in Community and Criminal Justice (ICCJ) is an established monograph series (9 published between 2002 and 2009) which aims to inform and advance community and criminal justice policy and practice through detailed consideration of important and emerging issues.  We are looking to publish contributions that can engage a wide readership in contemporary debates about the causes and consequences of criminal behaviour and the response of the State through criminal justice and wider socio/economic responses.  Submissions may be based on empirical research, literature review or consideration of contemporary debates. ICCJ is peer reviewed by academics and professionals who have an established profile (including national and international) in the field of community and criminal justice.

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Please note that ICCJ's from No.8 onwards are available electronically only.  Previous monographs are still available as hardcopy but will soon be replaced by electronic versions.

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ICCJ Publications: 
ICCJ Monograph No.8 (2009) - Effective Offender Management: Continuity, Compliance and Women Offenders [Brimley, J.]£5.00 ea
ICCJ Monograph No.9 (2014) - Justice, with Reason: Rethinking the Economics of Crime and Justice [Albertson, Kevin and Fox, Chris]£5.00 ea
ICCJ Monograph No.10 (2018) - Crossing the Bridge: From Offender to Probation Worker [Trevor Worsfold]£5.00 ea
Total Cost£0.00