Who's Who at Napo

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National Officers, Officials and Administrative Staff

There are six nationally elected Officers who oversee policy and represent Napo nationally on behalf of the National Executive. They are also linked to regional groups of branches.

The current National Officers' Group are:

Yvonne Pattison

Chris Winters

Chris Pearson
Vice Chair Finance

Tina Williams
Vice-Chair Probation

Katie Lomas
Vice-Chair Probation

Chas Berry
Vice-Chair Probation

Jay Barlow
Family Court

Officers roles and responsibilities

The Napo Officials group are:

Ian Lawrence
General Secretary

Dean Rogers
Assistant General Secretary

Ranjit Singh
National Official
(Trade Union Organisation and Equality & Diversity)

Sarah Friday
National Official
(Health & Safety
and Family Court)

Tania Bassett
National Official
(Press, Parliamentary
& Campaigning)

Keith Waldron
Human Resources and Office Manager

Theresa Boorman
Finance Officer

Napo has a group of eight administrators working alongside the Officers, Officials and Committees. They are:

Anne Burbidge Membership
Taytula Burke Communications and Publications
Kath Falcon Membership (part-time)
Cynthia Griffith Conditions of Service
Annoesjka Valent General Secretary, AGM
Shireena Suleman Professional, Training and Equality & Diversity
Jacqui Paryag Membership and Family Court
Margaret Pearce Health & Safety and Trade Union Organisation
Lliz Manville Assistant to Finance Officer

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