Tax Relief on Napo Subscriptions

Are you claiming tax relief on your Napo subscription? If not, then please read on.

Because Napo is recognised by HMRC as a Professional Association, the amount you pay in subscriptions can be added to your tax allowance.  For those paying tax at the basic rate, currently 20%, the average saving is about £40 every year.  You’ll save even more if you are paying tax at the higher rate of 40%. 

You can submit a claim for tax relief for the current tax year and for a maximum of the four previous tax years.  HMRC will automatically increase your personal tax allowance for the amount of your annual subscriptions going forward.  You then only need to inform them in future if your annual subscription fees change (up or down), or if you cancel your membership and no longer pay subscription fees.  Any refund for years prior to the current tax year will be paid by HMRC directly to you by either cheque or bank transfer.

Claiming tax relief on your Napo subscription is very simple.  Some brief notes are shown below but once you start the process it’s all quite self-explanatory and easy to follow.

  • You will need to login to the HMRC website using this link


If you have a Government Gateway ID already then you can sign in using those details.  If you do not have a Government Gateway ID then you can create a   sign in at this stage.

  • Once you have signed in you will be logged into your Personal Tax Account home page.  You will see a box labelled “Pay As You Earn (PAYE)”.  Click on this box.
  • On the next screen click on the option labelled “Claim tax relief on expenses for working from home”.  This option isn’t just for expenses for working from home.
  • You will then be asked the question “Are you only claiming tax relief on your expenses for working from home?”

Choose the answer “No, I also want to claim tax relief for other types of job expenses”

  • You will then be asked a few simple Yes/No types of question to determine your eligibility for tax relief.  Work through the questions and you will then be told if you are eligible for tax relief or not.
  • If you are eligible to claim tax relief you will see a button labelled “Claim your expenses online”.  Click on this button.
  • Choose which years you wish to claim tax relief for.
  • When you are asked about the organisation you are paying subscription fees to note that Napo is listed as “Probation Officers, National Association of”.  If you start typing “Probation” into the box you should see it appear in the list.  Choose the correct organisation (as above) and enter the total annual subscription fees paid for that year.

If you need assistance with working out your annual subscription fees then please email

  • Repeat this for each year you are claiming tax relief for. 
  • You do not need to provide any evidence of the subscription fees you are or have been paying
  • Once complete and you have checked what you have entered you can click on the Submit claim button.

You will then need to wait for HMRC to process the claim.  This can take a number of weeks.

For members who do not feel they need the tax relief and, therefore, would not otherwise claim, how about claiming and covenanting the difference to the Edridge Fund?  (details available from your Branch Edridge Rep).

Napo Vice-Chair (Finance)