Nomination for a Black Representative to NEC 2023-2025

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Nominations are sought for one Black Representative to the NEC, this rep can be female or male to join our exisiting Black Rep.

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Section 16 contains the detail of the arrangements for NEC Black Representatives and is attached as Appendix 1.

Nomination Process

Attached are the forms for completion by branches and candidates for election.  The closing date for nominations is noon on FRIDAY 24 November.  If an election is necessary, there will be a postal ballot of all full members and the results of the election will be available by mid-February.

Candidates for election of NEC Black Representatives must be full members of the Association as per Clause 4a(i) and must be nominated by branches.

Branch officers must complete and forward the attached form BR23a so that the form is in the hands of the General Secretary (see procedural checklist and forms for details to email) no later than noon on FRIDAY 24 November.  Candidates must also forward their written consent by the same date using the attached form BR23b.

If a ballot is required we will circulate a statement to members from each candidate (see BR23b).  Statements from candidates contain two sections:

Section (a) should cover career details, Napo/staff associations/other union roles and posts held.  This section should provide only factual information.

Section (b) should include the aims and views that candidates wish to communicate, addressing Napo's objects as far as possible.

Please ensure that Section (b) is no more than 250 words in length.  If this section exceeds 250 words it will be edited without consultation.

Candidates are required to sign a statement verifying the information they have provided (see BR23b) and should also complete and return Napo’s Monitoring Form, which is attached to BR23b.

Napo will be appointing Civica Election Services (formerly Electoral Reform Services) to act as Independent Scrutineer if an election is necessary.