Summary of the Offer

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  • Pensionable increases to all NPS staff over the two years of the deal (April 2018-March 2020), ranging from 13.6% to a minimum of 6%. In cash terms, all staff will receive between £3772 and £1405.
  • Increases to the current band maxima by at least 3%, giving the first consolidated increase for staff at their band maxima for nearly a decade.
  • Fully consolidated increases ranging from at least 3% for all staff already at their band maxima, rising to 12.2% for some staff progressing through their pay ranges.
  • Progression to the new higher band maxima in less than 6 years in all bands.
  • For staff in Band 1, progression to a new 17% higher band maxima in no more than 2 years
  • Guarantee further progression payments in 2020-21 for those still not at their band maxima
  • Pay progression from 2021 linked to a new Competency Based Pay Progression Framework (CBPPF), which will be designed in partnership with the unions, aligned to National Probation Professional Standards. Napo are insisting these must also cover CRCs.
  • A joint-review of management grades from Band 5 upwards, recognising the additional pressures and workloads that implementation of the new CBPPF will bring, as well as the changing nature of the role since TR.
  • Some additional elements that more closely align NPS terms with MoJ terms (set out below).

After prolonged negotiations aimed at reforming the probation pay system, a final offer has been made by the HMPPS. If accepted in union member ballots, the offer will be applied for all staff across the NPS. Napo is recommending acceptance of the offer.

Napo are also committed to maintaining Pay Unity across all parts of probation. CRC members are receiving a parallel briefing explaining our approach and arguments for Pay Unity. If NPS support Napo’s recommendation, all probation staff will receive a further briefing explaining how they can support our #PayUnity campaign, a vital part of our argument to reunify local probation services.

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